Conditions Casinos Associate with No Deposit Bonuses


Every online casino offers a host of bonuses and other mouth-watering incentives to its players. The idea is to make it interesting enough for them to want to come back for more. Among the different bonuses that casinos offer, one of the most in-demand and popular is the no deposit bonus.

The no deposit casino bonus ensures you do not have to spend from your bankroll to play the games on offer the minute you sign up with the casino. You can start playing with the money that the casino offers as part of this promotion, and then transit to your bankroll at a point in time – either when the time period for which the bonus is available is over or when you have used up the entire no deposit bonus.

The no deposit casino bonus is essentially free money, but is it completely free? Or do you need to pay something to use it? Are there any terms and conditions that the casino lays out for you to access this bonus? There actually are terms and conditions that casinos attach to using this bonus. These could be the time period for which the bonus is available, the wagering requirement, and more.

The Wagering Requirement Associated with No Deposit Bonuses

Almost every online casino has its own set of wagering requirements that players must follow to be able to access their bonuses, winnings, and more. This is true even for no deposit bonuses as well, in most online casinos that offer this bonus. So what is a wagering requirement, basically? We will take a look at this, and use an example to understand it better.

The wagering requirement is also called the playthrough requirement. The wagering requirement is basically the number of times you have to wager the amount you receive as a bonus to be able to cash out; either the bonus itself or winnings accruing from it. It is one of the checks and balances online casinos employ to ensure smooth functioning when it comes to players accessing bonuses and also withdrawing winnings, and to protect itself from unethical players. Imagine a scenario where a casino offers a $100 no deposit bonus, and the player accesses it and takes off without playing at the casino. The wagering requirement helps avoid situations like this.

This example will help you understand this better. Suppose you get a no deposit bonus of $20, and the casino has a wagering requirement of 10x. What this means is that for you to be able to cash out the bonus, you will have to wager it at least 10 times at the casino. This ensures you are not able to scoot with the casino’s money.

Other Restrictions Associated with No Deposit Casino Bonuses

One of the restrictions you will find in case of many no deposit bonus offers is the timeframe. Many times you will see a casino offering a huge no deposit welcome bonus. You think you have a lot of time to use it, and find after an hour that the bonus does not work anymore! This is because it had a specific time frame attached to it – the bonus was, for instance, available only for an hour.

Even when it comes to wagering requirements, there could be other terms and conditions that the casino imposes on players for safety. For instance, one of the things you find commonly is that the wagering requirements are for specific games only. This means I am now limited to playing only a few games for this bonus to be valid.

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